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hayward and tail lights up towards the highrise foster city, no problems either direction on the san mateo bridge. elsewhere san rafael southbound 101 good past civic center into central san rafael roadwork in southern marin starting about cortamadera headed southbound two lanes, northbound down to one lane that is until 5:30 this morning, that should be picked up shortly, no problems through san rafael. westbound and eastbound treasure island on and off-ramps closed off the bay bridge due to police activity, you cannot get on or off the island there amy hollyfield will be giving us more on that. so far the upper deck is good into san francisco. no traffic delays, milpitas police activity has intersection jacqueline between north milpitas and arizona avenue blocked, please avoid that area as well. >>> two tough spots, 5:08. >>> next where the cost of parking in san francisco is coming down. >>> privacy advocates take aim at facebook's proposed policy changes. >>> first, here's this morning's america's money report. >>> good morning. the biggest online shopping day in history numbers are st
at the shark tank. >> the hockey strike, the downtown needs to be able to bring people in. >> the city councilman said the loss of hockey fans has hurt local bars and trounce big time. >> you don't know what you have until you have don't have it. that's what's happening. >> he misses all those hungry shark fans and hopes this festival will be a gift. >> without this it will be a really sad holiday. >> having been a long time san jose sharks fans since i was a kid. >> he helped open the brew pub weeks after the holidays agains. crist believes it is an amazing opportunity. >> families can enjoy opportunities to go and hopefully it will help the economy downtown. >> on friday we learned natural cancelled all hockey games through mid-december. many are optimistic the sharks will take to the ice before the end of the year. in san jose, colonel bernard. >> y7 news. >> 25,000 people, twice as many as last year, crowded into san francisco's union square for last night's annual tree lighting ceremony. >>> three, two, one! it was the 23rd straight year for the macy's sponsored tree lighting. 33,
of people today. we'll have our regulars, and we'll see families and individuals from across the city who need a thanksgiving dinner today. >> reporter: jean, thank you for what you do and what glide does all year round, three meals a day 364 days a year only skipping new year's day. about today cast of broadway's lion king will be here to help serve and celebrity chef ryan scott will show up later this afternoon he's preparing more than 1700 bagged meals that are going to be handed out tomorrow. if you want to think past thanksgiving to the leftovers and tomorrow, glide is taking care of that as well. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> organizers at other holiday meal services expect to be at capacity. last night at st. anthony's in san francisco the police chief and other city leaders helped set up. organizers expect to serve 4,000 people. mayor lee said it shows how many people are hurting financially, even in cities as successful as san francisco. meals will be served in oakland, san jose and many other bay area communities. >>> president obama guy thanks in his weekly address a couple of
responded. >> marin county sheriff's department, twin cities police, novato police department, we were able to lock down the entire parking lot, fortunate there was only a few areas of egress out of the parking lot we were able to lock it down quickly and identify most of the people, we don't believe very many would have gotten out, after the shooting. >> reporter: two people have been detain with regards to this. they are being held on other charges, unrelated, but they may have had something to do with the shooting, they are being investigated. january of 2008 there was another shooting out here that was a homicide. just about five years ago. as far as this one goes, two people wounded, injuries not considered life-threatening, two detained outside club 101 in san rafael. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> stores are hoping today is the start of a fruitful holiday season it is black friday one of busiest shopping days of the year. shoppers have been camped out in pursuit of sales paragon outlets in livermore off 580, where we find katie marzullo. i get the impression you are not alone this m
this mess along several streets in daly city november 13th crews have been going around the clock to shore up parts of that hill to keep debris from flowing into the neighborhood daly city has spent almost half a million dollars to repair the damage. >>> in iraq residents of a baghdad neighborhood are cleaning up following a car bombing the blast killed five on a day when insurgents launched taxes against security forces and civilians in central and northern iraq yesterday, 30 were killed, dozens wounded. >>> in egypt several hundred protesters continue to clash with police in cairo. demonstrators threw stones while police fired tear gas not far from the u.s. embassy a include of tear gas can be seen over the area clashed have flared for several days. >>> the woman who could be the next secretary of state is feeling heat on capitol hill. u.n. ambassador rice will be back today to try to appease republican lawmakers. rice met privately yesterday with gop senators mccain, graham and ayotte. they say she misled the public about the deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi after the attack,
ramon, oakley and berkeley some of the better radar returns off san francisco daly city and colma, south of the san mateo bridge especially dumbarton bridge healthier returns now moving into san jose more in the mountains heading your way over the next 25 to 35 minutes. we are not out of the woods yet. let's find out about that traffic. >>> going slower is a good idea this morning thanks mike. good morning. a lot of standing water, flooding, pooling, wet roads live look at bay bridge toll, traffic is light, definitely wet out there, several problems, first eastbound 580 past greenville, "sig alert", big rig jackknife three lanes blocked, getting away towards i-5 you may want to wait a bit. also, westbound 84 past 880 on dumbarton coming into fremont, car in the median, a lot of standing water give yourself extra time. >>> we are used to the crush of people flying home before thanksgiving causing delays. the rainy weather will undoubtedly cause longer waits on an extremely busy travel day. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo. >> reporter: right now according to the sfo duty manager, there is n
good. >> this is henry's second balls game. his mom and dad are hooked. >> we live in the city and we are happy to be here tonight. >> the bulls manager said the lackout has been good for the new team. >> the sharks fan support is great and the lockout can only benefit us, as sad as it is. >> but it's given the sharks coach a new job as assistant coach. >> i feel like it's making the most of a bad situation with the lockout. >> ticket prices for bulls games average about 20 bucks, last price of a sharks game. >> everything is a little more expensive at a sharks game. >> i like the sharks and i'm a bulls fan. >> about 3,000 fans attended the game and in the end the bulls beat the stockton thunder 6-3. not only or hicks affordable, the price of hot dogs and refreshments won't break the bank either, about five or six dollars for them. abc7 news. >>> snow in the bay area? well, it happened yesterday in san rafael. it wasn't falling from the sky. a snow making machine cranked out several tons of snow despite the sunny skies above, helping transport families to a snowy play land. several bl
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7